Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Discovery Ball again

THE DISCOVERY BALL IS BACK IN THE NEWS: Bartkresa Visualizes Israel for Discovery Ball with Christie - See more at: http://www.avnetwork.com/av-technology/0002/bartkresa-visualizes-israel-for-discovery-ball-with-christie/95335#sthash.JG3w45HO.dpuf (AVNetwork). This article is about the projection technology used to highlight the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibiton at the California Science Center, where the Ball was held:
Christie technology and BARTKRESA Design took visitors back in time at the California Science Center Discovery Ball fundraiser, showcasing the Dead Sea Scrolls and their history in a two-story projection mapping display using eight screens and 14 Christie 3DLP projectors.

Serving an average of two million guests annually with an audience among the most diverse of any museum or science center in North America, the California Science Center, located near the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, is a vital community resource and an integral part of California’s educational infrastructure.

“The Discovery Ball was very thematic and we wanted to give people the sense they were in a different place,” said Christina Sion, vice president, Food & Event Services, California Science Center Foundation. “For the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit we premiered at the gala, it made sense to use projection and there is nobody on the planet I would ask to do this more than Bart Kresa. We have worked together before and I always admire his work. It continues to get bigger, better and more incredible.”

This year's Discovery Ball was held on 7 March. Background here.